The virtue of oil as a health source

The virtue of oil as a health source

The Denomination of Origin Montoro-Adamuz holds entirely the olive groves of 26,000 hectares located in the Sierra Morena mountain range of Cordoba, a centenarian olive grove whose oils outstand because of their quality and great stability. A historic prestige has accompanied these oils since time immemorial, thanks to their high content in polyphenols.

Adamuz, Montoro, Espiel, Hornachuelos, Obejo, Villaharta, Villanueva del Rey and Villaviciosa de Córdoba are the municipalities included in this area where quality can be guaranteed from the origin to the table, with olive groves which are integrated in a natural environment excellently conserved and with sustainable farming practices, as well as traditional and environment-friendly growing techniques which try to avoid, amongst other things, soil erosion with natural vegetation covers.

The oils from the area of Montoro-Adamuz present a characteristic piquancy and bitterness.

This type of virgin olive oil comes from the existing olive varieties in this region: Picual, Nevadillo Negro, Lechín de Sevilla, Picudo and Carrasqueño de la Sierra. Picual and local type nevadillo negro. This coupage represents 98% of olive oil production covered by this DO. These olives give a unique and exclusive taste to oils. Nevadillo Negro is one of the richest olive types in polyphenols, which gives the oil a characteristic bitterness and piquancy, on top of excellent stability facing oxidation. This presence makes this oil turn into a natural health source.

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